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3 Tricks To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Moving into a new home or apartment can be a stressful and challenging experience for the whole family. Moving somewhere gives you a fresh start though and the chance to start from chance with your decor. Nothing is more invigorating  and rewarding than getting rid of...

Liven Up Your Bedroom By Painting It These Colors

The bedroom is the heart of any house, so painting it the right colors is critical to turning a house into a home. We all start & end our day in the bedroom, it’s the most intimate part of the house. On top of accentuating your décor, the color of your bedroom...

Free Up Your Living Room w/ These 3 Hacks

After the recession hit, most of us have were stuck with cramped living rooms. Not all of us were blessed with a living room closet, and because of that we were forced to make do with what we have. Luckily, adding more storage space to your living room can be easier...

Modernize Your Home With These 3 Items

It can take just one item to change your entire décor. As you get older, your home’s style  and feel steadily becomes more outdated and needs refreshing. While it might feel “homely”, it never hurts to freshen things up. From high end gear to simple...

3 Cheap Dorm Room Furniture Must Haves

3 Cheap Dorm Room Furniture Must Haves It goes with out saying that in most dorm rooms, space is hard to come by. Unfortunately for rookie students, living in dorm rooms for the first time is challenging. You have to share “land” w/ people in the most...

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