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What is Modern Furniture Max?

Modern Furniture Max is an online Modern Furniture Deals Curator. Max was created to curate the internets best Mid Century Modern style furniture deals and display them in one easy to find location. Max saves its users time and energy by taking out the leg work of having to sort and sift through endless furniture offers from hundreds of different furniture manufacturers across the web. Think of us as the "Expedia" (pun intended) of Modern Furniture Deals.

What does Modern Furniture Max do?

Much the same as Expedia will do for flight deals, our team at Modern Furniture Max scours the internet daily searching for the best deals on modern furniture. Our site is updated every day with the sales we've curated.

How do I use Modern Furniture Max?

Our site is populated with deals we've found from various companies online. When you find deals that you like simply add them to your cart. When you're ready to purchase your selection click on checkout and we'll search one last time across the internet to see if there is a better deal available for the items in your cart. If we find a cheaper price somewhere else, we'll take you directly to that website to complete your order. Its that simple!

How long do the deals last for?

Each furniture deal on Modern Furniture Max is different. Many of the deals we curate on our site our blow out specials from companies that are liquidating final stock. Sometimes that means there's only 1 coffee table left, or 2 dining chairs left etc. Because some of the deals have such few quantities we always advise purchasing when you first fall in love, as we cannot guarantee any item will be at a given price when you come back.

Why does it look like there are multiples of the same item?

There are a lot of iconic mid century modern pieces that are reproduced by many different manufacturers using the exact same specs and materials. At Modern Furniture Max our mission is to always have a healthy supply of the best furniture deals available for you. Because sometimes the deals we ad to our site have so low of stock left, we ad every deal we come across from multiple suppliers even if we have several offers of the same item on our site. While this might make things a bit confusing it allows us to always make sure theres ample deals available for the demand we have.

Why is it taking me to a different website when I checkout?

Modern Furniture Max was created to take the headache out of finding the lowest price for any given piece of Mid Century Modern style furniture. So when you checkout from our website we'll always do a final, up to date, online search to make sure we're getting you the best price.

If there is a cheaper price out there we'll take you directly to that suppliers website and load the item into your cart so you don't get lost searching for it!
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